Cryotherapy and Treatments

At Kentucky Cryo, we understand you may have questions about Cryotherapy and if it is right and safe for you and your body.  Veronica wants all your questions to be answered and will provide a free consultation at any time.  Here is some basic information about Crytotherapy and a short video that explains Cryotherapy in more detail.  Contact Veronica at Kentucky Cryo any time for a free consultation to discuss Cryotherapy and the processes used!

Quick Facts

  • Cryotherapy means “cold therapy.”
  • In the Cryotherapy process, the body can be exposed to temperatures as low as negative 300° F.
  • Cryotherapy can be delivered to one area of the body or multiple areas of the body.
  • Kentucky Cryo uses probes, ice massages, and coolant sprays to perform Cryotherapy on patients.
  • Only cancer patients should avoid Cryotherapy procedures.

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